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Re: %bvG/EmwYp

@dangerousbeans thank you for asking. addresses for contributions:

BTC: 18wKhzdvoNyffGpZLeUzS4Jk1wTofWtXQk
ETH: 0xf6ec26b9a249f426b821ecef2f14deaeaeb5c7c7
BCC: 1CDcvhBaQqxgj899RbD2FGYXCzVaHEgWZx
ETC: 0xab339E42B32e1b8A11ed102099Ed01Ce09387444

@mwmeyer i don't know. am i failing at cooperation?

what other benefits could be offered to contributors

  • video of gecko licking guava juice
  • video of neighborhood dogs barking
  • video of Tux the cat doing cat things
  • dedicate a poop bucket emptying-out in your honor
  • mail you a piece of string that i find on the road while walking to town
  • you pick a coffee shop somewhere on the island, and i'll go to it and tell you how good the coffee is
  • ditto for vegan gelato shop
  • i could try to find the Puna Revolutionaries, read some of their anarchist literature, and tell you what i learn from it
  • attempt to open a coconut with a tool of your choice
  • attempt to grow a plant of your choosing
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