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cat hike

Today Marina and I went for a hike with Tux all the way to the back boundary of the lot. A few days ago we cleared out the path some more with gloves and machetes. We pulled up most of the guinea grass from along the trail which is very sharp and will cut up your skin if you brush against it. I also hacked down a bunch of bushes in the way and diverted the trail so that it's completely inside the boundary instead of occasionally meandering into the adjacent lot.

We've been training the cat to follow us on hikes, and she has really gotten the hang of it.


This is the tree that marks the approximate location of the southeast corner. Given the way that we measured back this far in ~4-9m increments, the lot probably extends past this point perhaps another 10 or 20 meters.


Here is Marina and Tux in the far back of the lot. Tux followed us the whole way!


Behind the southeast bounding tree is a hill. I hiked up here and Tux followed me! Then she wandered around a bit on her own but came back down once I had hiked down. This is the top:


And this is the view!


I also spotted a white post from the top of the hill that seems to be a property marker, so I think our estimate of the distance is partly corroborated.

Marina looking up at me from the base of the hill:


Despite new parts of the trail being only a few days old, the pigs have already started to use it:


We hiked back with Tux, who is much faster, racing and leaping, back to the house than heading out into the unknown.


How much path-making with machetes do you do? If a lot, you might want to consider a scythe, like the grim reaper. That's what we use.

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