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@dan hassan

love the direction of these @cameralibre !


I'm incredibly excited about your work @sam xxx


wow! the one where the lens replaces the hash/ssb-id with the picture is pretty cool!! love it!!!


amazing work!


@cameralibre this is sooooooo pretty! I loved it.



It's really pretty! One problem is that scuttlebutt does not ever at all by no means ever allow forks. With your second graphic, I've seen assurance from the developers that everything will horribly break the moment you have two different tails to your block chain.

The block chain is built from the branches to the root I'm pretty sure, since old messages can't psychically divine what the hash for the next message is gonna be. So the newest message tells you the message before it, and that tells you the one before that, and if any message in the chain is ever lost... all messages previous to it are also lost, I'm pretty sure.

Your "appear different to different peers" doesn't seem to be animating the green lens. In any case, I don't think that's a big selling point for the network, just a cosmetic perk for some clients by which you can assign someone a different picture if you want. Doesn't offer anyone a way to have different peers see different things like how #secushare is trying to do it.

What are you trying to say about public and private keys? The circle thing looks neat!

Not sure what that final graphic is about.

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