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Part of me wants to shout from the roof tops about this place and the other half of me wants to keep it a secret - @MistyWrites

that's a pretty prevalent response i think. It's not ready for the mass ingress. We don't have the protections we need in place yet, but at the same time so many people getting so depressed by the BS news of our world that you can't escape on Twitter or FB. And yet here... here we have this wonderful little oasis, where we can still satisfy the desire to catch up with peers without being burnt out by it.

Get wired on caffine? O.O - @dangerousbeans

I am currently enjoying my new delight: decaf evening tea. Warm soothing fluid. It helps in its own little way. :) During the day i go for the caffeinated. On bad days, the caffeine helps me have enough "fucks" to continue the work-day.

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