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Thanks for reading this, @y'all! It was shared as a sort of 'conversation starter', and I'm keen on this convo already!

@MistyWrites , I share yr grief with Medium and Steemit. Medium is just so gross and exploitative to me. It's positioned to the writers as a place to amplify your voice and grow your audience, but every actual part of the site is designed to grow the platform, not the authors. To the degree that it's actually hard for me to find an archive of one person's work, every link is always to some other author the algorithm thinks you'd want. Here on the butts, there's no hard numbers to quantify yr stats or anything like that--but you can definitely feel that people are listening and growing the conversation. It's so good!

And I'm happy to see you on here, @Laurel ! I like yr point of not being in control, it's an element I really love about the ssb protocol (where information spreads as gossip, which is as wild and unpredictable as neighborhood gossip). And that is an element I like about a real-life chorus. A chorus doesn't mean we are singing in unison--we are aware of each other's voices, but we aren't necessarily all singing the same thing in the same way.

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