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i'm excited for the opportunity to expand #spider-farm and the dreams associated with it. thanks @cel for the invitation to participate, i'm happy to share resources i have available to me simply because of my privilege.

By more of a communal thing, do you mean

@mwmeyer if i was to say "a more communal or cooperative-based thing", i would mean: i want to maximize high-trust cooperative relationships that benefit community and commons, minimize low-trust transactional relationships that benefit capital.

a timeshare model does coordinate a group of people to cooperatively share a common resource, however the method is to simplify the relationship into a very rigid economic transaction: you can stay at this property for X days per year in exchange for an initial cost of Y dollars and recurring cost of Z dollars per year (i'm guessing this is how it works, correct me if i'm wrong). the benefit of this approach is that you don't have to trust your peers much, since the terms are so clear. if they can't afford the initial cost, or the recurring cost, or mess up the property during their visit, you are isolated from their misfortune. but in my opinion it's missing any sense of community, any sense of shared human connection (empathy), any sense of a truly common resource. this all being said, a timeshare model is great when people all want what it has to offer, but i don't think we want what it offers.

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