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Yesterday one of our neighbors stopped by with some free stuff to offer before he headed to the transfer station. We got a nice table and some shelves that we've put to use in our improved kitchen area.


I built this new shelf for the kitchen with some scrap wood.


The lower area is tidied up and again provides usable dry space for projects.


Upper area:


Our eggplants are doing well. I just harvested one and there are lots of tiny fruits. Some bugs have been eating the leaves but I haven't figured out which ones. Last time it was some caterpillars.


These seed-grown dragonfruit cactuses are coming along. It's much slower to grow them from seed compared to cuttings, but we had some seeds.


This is our biggest starfruit tree from seed. We have many smaller ones. There is a tree in Orchidland where we get starfruit for free.


Some lemon and oranges from seed. We have many, many citrus planted and some are finally sprouted. I read that a lemon tree grown from seed can start producing lemons in 1-2 years, but oranges take longer.


Each of our two banana trees have shoots now:



I've begun to make mulch beds everywhere. This one is seeded with eggplant.


Last night this giant mantis gave us a visit. They're pretty aggressive.


The house in the trees. You can see more of the improved flashing on top:


Tux napping:



I love tux updates!


Looks cute. Love the colors :)


The plants are all looking really good! Dragonfruit from seed: that's really exciting - can't wait to see how they grow. I've found growing cacti from seed to be very rewarding. I was surprised how much care and moisture they need when young, at least the handful of species I've grown that way.

I bet the new shelves and extra kitchen worktops are a big help. I'm adjusting to a little kitchen right now and the lack of shelf space creates some interesting challenges.

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