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Cleaning up today. We packed away some unused items and moved things around a little.


I resoldered the connections on the boost buck converter on our speakers and put the circuit board in a pvc housing I got at the hardware store for $0.67. Now all the components of the audio system are in a box instead of strewn about on the floor but the knobs are accessible.


It feels nice to have clutter stowed away.

Today I planted some eggplant seeds in two of the four tires I filled with cinders and moss yesterday. Eggplants do well here but caterpillers and some tiny pinkish white bugs love to eat the leaves so they require some attention.

I also went #running. This was not as far as I thought it was so next time I think I'll run all the way along 37th into Ainaloa.



yay! hi friends ^_^
you're inspiring me to get back into running. feels so good mm endorphins
if you run to the coast and back, isn't that about 15km?
++ refreshing mid-run toe dips in the sea ~!~


Running to the ocean is about 27km round trip and 150m of elevation change. Going that far, the timing matters because it's too hot most of the day to run very far and running that distance would take a while. It would have to be a rainy day, but even then I don't think I would have enough energy to do a trip that far without packing snacks.



@substack What program did you use to create that map with the distance markers?


This looks amazing. I couldn't really imagine following the first pictures how this could ever evolve, but it really starts too look really cozy. How expensive is it time wise and all the money spent so far?
Do you have contracts with service providers regarding the internet or anything else?
And was there a lot of bureaucracy involved or maybe still is?

What would it take to repeat this in Hawaii or somewhere else?
Is it even possible in Hawaii if you are not a US citizen?


@noffle It's google maps. You can right click and there is a menu with a measurement tool. I'm certainly going to be lifting this feature for peermaps. Make sure to click the scale in the lower right to switch the units to metric.


I just stumbled upon a TED talk video, where somebody divided the earth into billions of 3 squaremeter chunks and named them with a unique combination of 3 letter words and also translated it already in 14 more languages.
At least it's new to me. Probably you know it already, but just in case - wanted to mention it. Its fascinating to me.


Dang. Better for a bike ride then. I was guesstimating you were a bit closer to the coast there.
Aren't you guys really close / in the path of active volcano with recent lava flow? worried face


@serapath This is pretty interesting. Watching the talk, it made my legibility radar get worried, a subject I've run into on ssb. Because what if you want to have no address? Also, there is the funny way that this system makes addressing easier for humans with smartphones, but impossible for everyone else. Having worked as a delivery person, I have to say it is incredibly satisfying to discover the idiosyncrasies and underlying logic and history of a city grid. Like the way that block numbers go incrementally in one direction, so that you can know the number of blocks between you and other given address number. Or how horizontal streets in downtown seattle are mostly in alphabetical order, and also named after trees, while vertical streets are numbers that decrease until you get to south seattle. Or how san francisco is complete chaos, with just a jumble of names and diagonal intersections everywhere. Viewed this way, easier mapping techniques are a way of devaluing local knowledge, making your labor more easily replaceable.


Most of this subdivision was last covered in lava 300 years ago. We're in lava zone 3. Downtown Pahoa (not so far away) is in lava zone 1 and lava covered a grave yard and almost took out the transfer station in 2015. Kalapana was covered in lava in the 1990s and every few years a house gets taken out by a breakout.



@nichoth We don't have an address. Many lots only have a TMK (tax map key) number because you have to pull permits to get a street address.


We're in lava zone 3

Having never seen lava in person in my life, categorizing neighbourhoods by their likelihood to get covered in lava (if I understand that correctly) seems completely alien.

The 3 word address thing reminds me of of one of @dominic's talks. I don't remember which one, but it featured a bit about proquint.

The scuttleverse is the only medium I use where a post about decluttering and running leads to talking about lava and coordinate systems. Pretty neat!


@ansuz you are thinking of secure database games

Indeed, lava is a fact of life in hawaii - but, hawai'iians know a lot about lava and have skills for safely interacting with lava.


Interesting perspective. Your location can be given numbers or names as soon as you disclose it.
If you don't disclose it you don't have an address that is known.

I'm not sure what it means to devalue local knowledge.
I think it's an awesome thing to make labor more easily replaceable.
It's not an awesome thing to not give people money.

I've seen a lot of underprivileged people who would love to have freedom to pursuit their passions and learn and express themselves rather then doing more crazy shifts of hard work to survive.




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if that's a photo that's breathtaking


'tis @_@


i see wizardz in the cloudz.

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