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another lot is for sale, 3 lots down from spider farm, on the other side of one of our neighbors place.

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i'm keen to pitch in on this if others are. :+1:

@cel are there any details of the sale, asking price, etc?


:+1: @mikey i spoke with the agent just now. they are asking $39k. the lot is on a ridge so there is less flooding, and it has possibility of ocean view if you build on it.


so, that's the plan then? just buy all the tiny lots until it's a freak swarm of #butts all over #spiderfarm?

i'm keen to learn more about what pitching in could look like. i'd seriously consider pitching in here. when i first heard of lots near an existing #solarpunk space, i was quite excited by the possibility.


@lzlr plan:

  1. get land
  2. live on land
  3. plants
  4. ???
  5. go to beach'
  6. computer

2 acres of forest is large to me...

if you or anyone else want to go in on this, message me and @dinosaur
say what you can offer and what you want!

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