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i'm currently sitting in the denver layover waiting through a three hour layover, which i think is perfect for some reflecting on travels with @frankiebee in hawaii.

we stayed with @substack and [@marina] (@XbgAjnHAIESiABEGuJOAojN4zkZcPaF34/YRbpOHyiI=.ed25519) and @cel on #spider-farm, which to sum it up is a cool place with cool people.

other things we did included eating lots of liliqoui and rambutans, danced, laughed, and other generally good things.

we wove in the new year with friends, coconut leaves, staring at the moon all night and thinking about hexagons. couldn't have been better. happy new year by the way!

if i hadn't just spent 8 hours on an overnight plane sitting in a middle seat i think i'd be able to write a little more and a little more poetically about the whole expereince but so is life. signing off here.

this is the hut on spider-farm.
and this is the tent frankie and I slept in on the nights we spent there.

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