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Re: %bvG/EmwYp

@kumavis the map is from here:
The colors are to indicate when each parcel was last sold:

@jer i'm not aware of any nuclear power plants or supervillains, but there is reputed to be a goddess in the volcano.

@mwmeyer that is a cool idea, but maybe better to be applied elsewhere - we are interested here in a more communal or cooperative-based thing i think.

@amnovak @happy0 i could try to make and share some content.

currently, @mikey and i are committing to substantially cover the purchase cost. we are thinking to share title as individuals, until maybe making a cooperative legal entity for it later. if anyone else wants to join us in taking on responsibility for a large-ish portion, please private message us. we are also glad to accept smaller contributions as donations towards this spider farm expansion and/or future building projects.

i spoke with the listing agent and she is waiting for the seller to sign the listing agreement, which is why the lot is not yet on MLS, but she expects them to do so and we are planning to talk on monday at which time i plan to make an offer.

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