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At the monthly Orchidland farmers market, we ran a little solar demo showing how to run a small DC solar system with a boost-buck converter. We had planned to use one of our bigger panels, but the truck is in the shop right now, so we brought parts that we could carry in our backpacks. People were pretty into this demo, and had a lot of questions about how to run electronics directly off DC instead of going through an inverter.



We also got a large green papaya and two cacao pods:


And one of our neighbors gave us this 90W panel to use for wifi mesh prototyping purposes.


This is what the green papaya looks like inside. @marina is shredding it in the grater right now.


Our neighbors are up to some really cool stuff! Some of our neighbors operate a dairy farm and are 100% self-sufficient for food after only 2 years. People grow a lot of food here and are involved in all kinds of agricultural and energy self-sufficiency projects.


Have you eaten Cacao flesh? It's pretty tasty.

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