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Today, as the last day before I'll be traveling for 34 days, I completed a project I'd been planning for a while: a new switchboard. I didn't get as many washers as I needed to be able to attach new devices with less risk of cutting power, but this will do for now. I also doubled up the wires to the battery with 10 gauge wire, which should help improve the performance of the system. I started around noon and by the time I finished it was dark.




Looks like a great upgrade! Be interesting to see if you get more charge into the batteries and if they last longer through the night.


Do these switches run relays to different batteries? I can't quite tell what's going on.


The switches power the terminals with thumb screws, for different loads I assume.


@substack those look like regular AC light switches.. Which are typically rated for 15 amps, or 1650 watts.

At 12 volts DC though, only 150-180 watts is safe before you reach the max amp rating and then the switch might fail in some interesting way. Probably ok for laptops etc (likely charge well under 100 watts), but you'd not want to run an inverter or larger load through those switches.

What this wants to be when it grows up is a breaker box full of 30-60 amp breakers. :-)


@Joey Hiss
I had the same thought. I sorta assumed that they've got to be actuating a relay.

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