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an internet setup





Very nice! What kinds of speeds are you getting?

Also, maybe you already know but even good coaxial cable has a fair amount of loss so if you want an even better signal you should put the digital stuff right at the end of the antenna for the shortest possible coax run and then run signals digitally where they need to go.


@juul thanks for the tip. Maybe i'll try getting an adapter to bypass the coaxial cable. The antenna has a little cable and the router + modem could probably be water-proofed (right now the whole setup is under the roof).

I was seeing peak 1.3MB/s doing wget -O /dev/null just now.


Oh that's actually pretty decent!


How the heck? That's amazing.


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Could you tell me why you're using the MC7455? It seems very expensive. Are there no cheaper 4G LTE cards for U.S. frequencies with Linux support or is this one just especially good?


@juul I picked it because people on those sites reported using it successfully for this purpose.

e.g. on the reddit thread linked in %5YCfI6Z...:

[...] The LTE network is not locked down. It is the firmware on the device that prevents it from working. Not every device has that limitation, but nearly all do. The MC7455 is one of the exceptions.

Perhaps there are better alternatives...


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