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hey i'm Mikey! :cat: i work in Enspiral (Root Systems) on software for sustainable economic networks. i also help maintain the Scuttlebutt ecosystem and organize Art~Hack Wellington.

Voted Hey friends 🙂 I'm looking for a new team to build great software with. I
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Voted As an update, I'll be there, looking forward to talking to everyone about S
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hi @mrchico, as far as i understand, when the v3.10 release change log says

  • group follows, blocks, subscribes, and profile updates into visual meta summaries (that can be expanded to see full messages)

i think it means that it groups many messages (which may be follows, blocks, subscribes, or profile updates) into a single visual summary.


i'm not aware yet of groups being implemented, but they are definitely on the roadmap! :information_source:

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Re: %I2wATMNoF

@SanktMax sorry yes i made an account but forgot to say, i'm ahdinosaur. :cat: i tried to make a game to invite you, but ended up starting a game with some random person! :sweat_smile:

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