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@cblgh very cool. I've been thinking about the problems categorization creates. Sometimes when discussing with people, they end up at "oh so you're talking about politics", and it strikes me as an alien thought, because there are so many things interconnected, that if feels counterproductive to try to split them apart.

Overall, it would be interesting to see what happens with education when you drop linearization, categorization, and finiteness*.

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I like to think of Wikipedia as the hypothetical (emphasis on hypothetical!) source of truth knowledge graph and my brain as a cache of it. Education has typically been just a linearization of some topics to learn, streamlined as a list and with milestones (exams) in between. I find it fascinating how the internet and crowd collaboration and sharing can change that dynamics: all the worlds knowledge is now available out there, and you can navigate through it as you please, learning in the process. It's not linear, and it's not finite (also because content is created all the time).

Not to undermine schools (I'm sure @mix and @Alanna have a good opinion on schools!) but the future of education might as well be more like brushing your teeth, through regular Wikipedia browsing sessions to update your brain as a cache. PS: yes, I do recognize a lot of knowledge involves much more than just reading, but my point here is that a lot (probably the majority) of the knowledge I accumulated in school in Brazil was just reading, and now all that cached knowledge is lost from my brain.

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@CustomDesigned This is 'great' news, I saw it a couple of days ago. I would say wait a little more before showing them mmmmm, because the public launch is imminent and it'll be great. I'm willing to collaborate a lot closer/directly with the Ugandas to make sure it works very well for them. Let's make this happen!

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Hey Kevin, thanks again.

I'll be quick: I can see the benefit that as a centralized platform will bring to most indie developers. There's a clear benefit there, I agree. I'm not talking about that as an issue, though. I'm talking about how marketing-constraining this tool to just your centralized platform overall removes choice, even though technically and legally you're not constraining them. It's kind of like saying "use my platform, it'll be better, it's technically possible to do it yourself, and I won't exactly get angry at you for doing that, but you know, use my platform". I understand that your primary strategy makes sense, and I support that. But I don't support the removal of choices, or even the de-emphasis or de-influencing of a choice that does not personally profit you. Let other people make their own choices, don't make their decisions for them beforehand.

And apologize me for being quick and direct, I would either refrain from saying anything or saying exactly what I think, so maybe the second option is better than silence.


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I can't explain how weird it feels to see him on my street, visible from my balcony.

Sort of like "what are you doing HERE, you're not welcome!" but at the same time a complete inability to push him away, and at the same time an excitement for this being a historical moment, and also a slight fear of vulnerability if someone wants to attempt some terrorist attack (would be quite a suitable target to attack the two leaders at once).

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