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Re: %7a9gv671n

@Dominic shared the answer to the question, "Why is it called a _log_file?"

New People

@Derek Powazek, the former designer of multiple big web sites you know, turned farmer has joined us.


As a prepper I've wanted to find a solution for a decentralized solution for Social Media or a forum.

I wanted something that could work on-line and near instant, but with a sneakernet backup link. My best bet was UUCP email, but scuttlebutt seems far superior.

Obviously a wise new person. ;) They speak Sweedish and had other things to say in their hello post.

@Justus poked their head in and said hello.

@Notwist is "a nomad who likes to think she's free from nationality..."


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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %7a9gv671n


@dan hassan said "AMA: I am cis and my partner is non-binary transmaculine" and many people took them up on the offer.

@SoapDog shared an idea. I'll quickly summarize, but there's much more in the post.

I've been thinking about the potential of altnets to fulfill the promise of Bluetooth...So, instead of just self-hosting stuff on a VPS. I want to have small apps gossiping to each other passing stuff that concerns only me around them in a personal scuttlebutting network.

@cameralibre is sharing some nice visualizations of how SSB works. "Here are a bunch of rough WIP drafts to give you an idea - though I don't expect much of this to make sense yet..."


@SoapDog transferred ownership of the scuttle-shell repository to SSBC

and @kieran brought scuttle-invite, ssb-invites-schema, and ssb-invites-db into the fold.

@mix showed us how to write a query that excludes private messages.

I've been working for the past little bit on a database that uses git as the network layer, the thinking is that we should be able to build applications that allow users to choose who they trust to host their private data.

The main use case for this database would be apps that aim to help you organize your life a bit, things like password managers, note taking apps, todo apps, etc. -- @davidrusu

@kemitchell is offering up some License Zero Stickers

license zero stickers

and some updates on License Zero itself. New licenses, better names.

@Josiah shared

"An Introduction to Scuttlebutt Development: Your Test Playground", and "An Introduction to Scuttlebutt Development: Flume & Plugins".

@SoapDog posted about their work Simplifying Patchfox which included some wonderful hand drawn state diagrams.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald


This week in Scuttlebutt

July 2nd - 10th part 1

A sample of life in the Scuttleverse.

There are currently 26 people helping to fund the future of Scuttlebutt through the SSB consortium!

Totally Random

@Roelofpieter shared

a stack of boxes/building blocks

@reconbot shared an entertaining little story for geeks: We lived in memory.

@dangerousbeans has been Etching protective runes onto their tiller

etching protective runes

@Richard D. Bartlett shared some photos from a recent road trip in central France.

french road trip


I'm in the process of building a deployable, open-source recycling center that is powered by the trash that it consumes, using the heat and power energy derived from breaking down biomass wastes in order to shred, melt, and recycle plastics and re-cast metals back into useful things. More info on that here. - @Sam Smith


Patchwork 3.10.0 has been released thanks to the hard work of many of our lovely contributors.

Lots of new features that you should definitely check out even if it's not your primary client.

Personally I'm finding it much more responsive and am loving these graphical summaries of follow & profile update notifications. Hover over the little half diamond things to see what each one means. Once you know it's obvious and really useful.

new follow and update notification ui

ngx-ssb-client 0.1.5 has been released by @Tim Schumacher.

For those who don't know this is a promising looking new Patchwork competitor that Tim's been working on for a while now.

Software Community Intersection

@Josia (who was involved with the patchwork tags work) is thinking aloud about the future of channels.

@SoapDog posted An ode to Firefox OS.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

I need to delay the summary by a day again. Mondays are turning out to be a difficult day for getting these out. I'll try and pick a day I'll have less trouble with and let you know.

@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %TNCxQnuW9

New People

@cryptogoth is "...working on an intentional living community... for hackers, startup founders, and creatives in NYC" and invites folks looking for "community-minded housemates" to check them out.

@joshua is a geek who loves being ouside and building tools to help journalists.

@notwist is "...a nomad who likes to think she's free from nationality", designs games, and does other interesting things.

@Alberto joined us and is curous to know more about Solarpunk.

@Lisa Gill is into "...self-management and decentralised organisations, specifically cultivating the human skills we need to work effectively in this way...", helps other people with those ideas, and is "...also a big movies and TV series nerd."

That and more in their hello post.

@Lucas joined us from São Paulo Brazil. They enjoy this world cup but not football/soccer, study physics, and more...

@Salvo joined us via "some programming subreddit". They hail from London, by way of Italy, and are trying to find a way out of the rat race.


These summaries are brought to you by @masukomi who would love to hear your suggestions about how to make them better, or ideas on things to include.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %TNCxQnuW9

@dan hassan shared a study that, sadly, concludes that trans people are very unlikely to ever get a date.

They also shared a post about "Nanette" a Netflix comedy special by a woman existing somewhere on the trans spectrum.

To quote @Ktorn

How can anyone watch the whole show in one sitting? Had to stop half-way. I can't switch back and forth between two types of tears so fast. Fuck.

@peg wrote up their "Personal reflections on the Network Convergence in Catalonia"

For me the gathering had a very special significance of making first physical contact with a network of networks i feel like im becoming slowly closer to.

@kieran](@MpDd66GPXgN1+eMNrZInHkWq1THMurWwLdMx8BZ1ncw=.ed25519) wrote similar thoughts about ]the one in Mieres

@Zach! said

Hello, my friends! I would like to open a thread about the act of sharing, and the personal feelings that come from it.

@dan hassan is making a twitter list of Scuttlebutt folks. If you want to be added to, or removed from, the list just drop a note in the thread here.


@Dominic shared the results of their benchmarking flumelog-offset "(the module that manages the main storage of messages in ssb has significant problems)" There are multiple pretty graphs for your consideration.

@bentflower shared "A look at how MMMMM spends its time" which includes, but is not limited to thought about this:

mmmmm loading graph

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %TNCxQnuW9

Software Community Intersection

@andrestaltz released ssb-to-graphml which generates an xml file you can load into Graph visualization tools and create pretty, and interactive images of the scuttleverse as your client sees it.

network visualization

A few of us tried it and each came up with ~7,500 identities we can see. @mix then built on it and "...messed around with filtering users, excluding people with less that 50 messages to their name, which left only 1032 users."

More visualizations and discussions were had. If nothing else you should scroll through the whole thread and check out the pretty visualizations.

@andrestaltz talks about "alternatives for global usernames"

In this thread I try to list some alternatives to achieve Twitter-like usernames

@gb is experimenting with the idea of "rapport".

What if at a glance you could see the connections you have with the person who just put up a listing?

@arcfide wrote a long post about "Long Term Security of Private Communication" and some of the implications on SSB. @arj pointed to a similar existing thread.

@keks and others are thinking about ssb-related cryptocurrency vs. radical dogfooding

@mix shared patchbay some work on "...a slightly different layout... to fill some gaps needed to make Patchbay a viable alternative for people who enjoy Patchwork generally"

@dan hassan "...would like to invite people listed in [the index of lost ssb identities] to share the stories of how their .ssb/secret came to be lost."

@andrestaltz gave a presentation at TEDx Geneva about building our own internet.


@Luandro's Moinho network for their town has finally erected its first two nodes

moinho network first node

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@The Scuttleverse Herald


This week in Scuttlebutt

(butt-summaries #25: June 25th-July 2nd part 1)

A sample of life in the Scuttleverse.

There are currently 26 people helping to fund the future of Scuttlebutt through the SSB consortium!

Totally Random

@dan hassan shared this beautiful moment.

dan and child, clouds

@mix and friends found escapees from a bad sci-fi movie

neon green mushrooms

@Sam Gwilym shared some hadmade screen printed cards they're working on, as well as thought sabout the process.

screen printed baby card

@slon shared some Street Photography.

street photography child pidgeons open urban spaces

That and more in their post.


@squicc has been working on scat and, with help from others it now has tab completion, emoji magic, /me and /say actions.

scat emoji magic

slash me actions in scat

On a related note @kas shared an "Emoji finder for scat".

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %yC3wRXvu8

@Misty S. Sbledsoe is a tech writer and dog lover who joined us

@buckket is a physics student who joined us from Germany. They like "building custom PCBs to experiment and interact with the hardware around me" and other interesting things.

@Don said hello and shared some info about the Commonbound conference in St Louis.

@Aran said Hi from Brazil by way of New Zealand. They have an off-grid house with lots of green around it and are insterested in non-standard money things and shared their blog with info on their solar setup.

@Thunder is a game art student in Germany who likes decentralized things and shared some of their work with us. There's more art in a followup post


These summaries are brought to you by @masukomi who would love to hear your suggestions about how to make them better, or ideas on things to include.

@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %yC3wRXvu8


@rabble was "Talking about the 'verse Company Structure." noting a number of different ways it could be put together.

Community Software Intersection

@zelf shared some thoughts from a discussion about "...potential limits for SSB from becoming mainstream."

@makeworld thought aloud about "Preventing Scuttlebutt from being blocked...Especially in places like China, scuttlebutt might be seen as a place they can't control, and so must block. "


@doublec shared some tinkering with the "self" programming language and environment.

posted a roundup of the SSB client stuff that's been/being written in things other than nodeJS. So far we've got Go, Rust, Python, and C.

Editor's note: There's also ongoing work in Haskell and Swift, although that may not be usable yet.

@mijkl posted an update about the SSB client in go they're working on.

@Kieran met with some ssb geeks.

All leveling up coding with scuttlebutt. Here's our minutes, which is a big bunch of resources on ssb-query, ssb-backlinks and mutant

@Melvin Zhang shared the slides from " Intelligent Agent workshop at LccL Coding Academy"

@micro shared some thoughts about "Improving routerless scuttlebutt... The goal is to improve the state of zero-configuration networks for scuttlebot"

@jake made a nifty drag and drop image conversion to blob in a JavaScript markdown context ....thing.

New People

@Leedscath joined us from the UK, although they're currently touring the US & Canada.

meeting coops and solidarity economy projects, especially those with social/ecological just goals or trying to create some kind of more anarchistic world.

They're also looking to hitch a ride on a boat back to Europe in October or November.

All that and more in their hello post.

[@Jack] is a student who (@8VYNBjNNE4zDNOXgrf42tV5uIRuTyYBogZ46aOGbTOs=.ed25519) joined us from Hertfordshire, UK.

@Ivan joined us from Montreal Canada, speaks English and Català (and said hello in both). They're a free software enthusiast and a Linux network admin.

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