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Writer. Advocate. I live in the USA. Currently, technical writing during the day pays the bills. I want the #scuttleverse to be my hangout. I hope to engage in lively conversation.

Voted I was looking through the [sovrin forums]( and ca
Voted After hitting most of the sketchy pawn shops, I have a replacement phone (i
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Neither of my kids are interested in programming. But I did Google "programming for kids" and found all sorts of stuff out there that is supposed to help make it fun depending upon their age. You might try one of those resources. You could set them up with a device (whatever is required) next to you and walk them through this new world as you try these resources out together?

For example, one of my kids LOVES Minecraft. LOVES IT. Well, there is a coding resource for kids surrounding Minecraft. For him, that is where I would start. I would approach it from "Instead of just playing, you get to see how it's made and make new stuff. Let's try it and see what happens."

That's where I would start. But failing that? I'm not sure.

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I'm replying from Patchbay. Same results. Nothing in the /public folder. The only thing that shows up is stuff in the /notifications folder. Nothing is indexing. Switching back to Patchwork.

Voted # _Smørrebrød_ with new potatoes and scallions :dk: Today I could take the
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OMG. Adooooorrrrraaaaable! My littlest guy is Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix. Velcro is the perfect name.

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