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the mgmt

Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "@xjCzxPzPLX1clDkUxoXFWjgCOpKMI+TO3mp53kkPruA=.ed25519",
  "image": "&YKp6CQp72hbfkgAvMTUT3eUv9cD3FLbiabQYY5qMKWk=.sha256"
Voted A US-based accelerator for cooperatively-owned startups
Re: %uD1U1lCDK

i'd be interested in this

won't be in the bay for too many more months. returning on the 29th for Decentralized Web Summit... thinking i'll be moved out of oakland by end of september

Voted @ev I don't appreciate what you're doing. This feels like a sowing of disco
Re: %rxwn9dQ/a


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