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Re: %FOyO23xiO

Today I've been working on the tests more. Yesterday I got it working... but it was still quite slow, because it was applying the heavy update algorithm each time. I needed to detect the cases where there weren't gonna need to be any changes, and skip those. This seems to be working. Needs more testing.

Re: %ZSvxC8Q7Q

Speaking of "contrived" I was around at @Lucas's place for dinner, and I had the chance to help his teenage daughter with her math homework. It was interesting to see what I still remembered. She had a contrived algebra problem, and she making mistakes because she was jumping steps and not rigorously applying the rules.

Anyway, there was a problem: There is a tiger kept in by a fence and a moat. The tiger can jump some distance: we can't make the wall higher, but we can make the moat wider. Calculate how much wider the moat should be.

After looking at the problem a while I realized: tigers are excellent swimmers. Extending the moat isn't gonna stop them! I told her she should tell the teacher this was a trick question, and the test should be remarked.

Of course, in the real world, noticing you have been asked to solve the wrong problem is extremely valuable. Of course, she already knew not to disrupt the authority figure by telling them their orders did not make sense. I knew she would do this, but I was a bit disappointed she didn't play it for laughs.

Using humour to speak truth to power is actually a very good idea.
"if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you" (--possibly oscar wilde, or some other funny person)

If I was a teacher. I would include trick questions, forcing my students to learn not to believe everything I said.

Re: %fUY+HYrZD

@bob I think if it contained people it would taste more interesting *. I have never "eaten" it for a meal, but I have tasted it. (as an occasional visitor to the bay area I tend to encounter people who seem to think it's a good idea). It tastes like pancake batter. I've been told that you can actually make pancakes with it.

* as in the movie, Soylent Green is the most desired soylent flavor.

see also: meatshake

Re: %+cNpSdowI

There are lots of approaches to this. The simplest way to add this to any system, is write a temporary file, which represents the intention to publish those messages, then on startup, if that file is detected - check the messages are publish, and publish any that arn't. once all the messages are published, delete the file.

A more elegant way would be if flume had a batch mode. To make this fully solid, this would require updating the log file format. I do have some updates planned... to fix this performance problem. This is medium priority. I wanna get friends-algorithm out the door, and then I'm gonna work on group private messages. I feel this is a more urgent priority. Then database improvements.

Voted # Seeing smells As someone with anosmia, I am fascinated by smell and peop
Re: %fUY+HYrZD

... which is also named after the scifi story, seemingly without irony...

Voted I think y'all gotta grok Vygostky. This is a horrible article, but contain

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