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i build pretty user interfaces and #p2p shit. best meme girl.

i believe very strongly in decentralization, both in technology and politics. ui/ux engineer by day, maverick #p2p researcher and hard/software hacker by night. #heropunch co-founder, general nuisance; friendly, but very honest.

i blog sometimes: tech, poetry, and photography.

blocked for channer mannerisms

Voted Actually... let me invert the question: what an open source router could d
Voted I do think we need some sort of _resource allocation system_. I know some p
Voted GNU/Linux is far from being united. It's not even completely interoperable
Re: %QbqDxRbxH

this is one of my favorite essays! thanks for posting :heart:

Voted # JOYAS VOLADORAS # By: Brian Doyle CONSIDER THE HUMMINGBIRD for a long mo
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i'm starting up a new project that y'all might be interested in participating in. there isn't a website yet, but i am looking for some informal contacts to discuss the project. i'm on xmpp, add me :smile:

the goal is to set up a meshlocal in salt lake city (and other locations) that are bridged by the local volunteer/admins over hyperboria. i'm bringing it up here to see if anyone else is dreaming of building a regional meshlocal. we'll be better off we we join forces i think.

this is a very early stage thing, but i want to start using tomo for real-world applications. its a research os, but i don't want to let myself get disconnected from reality. we are trying to build the os of the future, so it has to be forward lookiing and willing to break from tradition but in a practical way that solves new problems better than the old stuff.

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