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Awesome work @Zach!! This looks really good to me… nothing seems glaringly wrong. I would echo what was said above about catching all errors in promises. I saw an optimization you can do —


const smarkt = require('smarkt')
const _ = require('lodash')

lodash is a big library, but they have separate packages for each function, so instead of requiring all of lodash, you can require just things that you use. That way you're app's bundle size will be smaller.

const _ = {
  map: require('')

And in this context, you could use native JS also. Another utility library I use sometimes is, just to save bytes in the file size.

To make a comment in a string literal, I've seen people do it like this:

    ${/* this is a comment */}
    ${branchPlacard(state, emit)}

I'm hitting some issues with it where I think the code might be more fragile, or illogical

What makes you feel this way? Are you trying to add features, accidentally breaking things? These feelings are important, but can be hard to define.

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@Dominic I haven't been following this thread too closely, but I briefly took an undergrad course about AI & search algorithms. I remember we spent a lot of time with the a* algorithm, which I read is an optimized version of dijkstra's algorithm.

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