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Mission: Invent, build, and explain technologies based on abundant resources for the benefit of the greatest number of people.

Political Goal: Take (peaceful) capabilities that are currently reserved to the biggest companies and nations and make them available to individuals and small communities.

Voted I think the issue with this projection is the assumption that the main ingr
Voted #education I like to think of Wikipedia as the hypothetical (emphasis on
Voted pinging [@cryptogoth](@qztPFKpm6kfBD1IZVf1cbJ+W4Yy2KqiJ1SWaekLifeA=.ed25519
Voted [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) Sounds gr
Re: %cbx1McbOt

@juul Give me a month or two to clarify and do tests alone. When I feel I have found the simplest way possible along the current approach, I will write back to you and others to experiment.

Once I reach to you I expect to:

  1. explain the process I am envisioning and answer clarification questions;
  2. perform it with people;
  3. gather feedback
  4. go back alone to the drawing board for the next iteration.

So that should essentially require you to perform pre-defined steps, giving me your honest opinion on how things went, as well as possible suggestions. How does that sound?

Voted Just a quick update that []( has been
Re: %1BGdv87pe

@Teq Ping me when you are done and I will also add the summary to the ACCESS association website.

Voted I really enjoyed the thread on [refactoring our principles](%b1pH4LZQ4hp2ac
Voted I'm heading out into the Rockies for a week or so this fall and it'll be on
Voted # Tim Shadbolt ![tim_shadbolt_pigs.jpg](&WPFGVpaLesjD+wuMMd1PVNqu0cRDDOyW

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