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an adventurer with a penchant for illustration, programming, writing, Esperanto, and ukulele

Pronouns are good, but I don't really care which ones you use.
@masukomi on twitter krom se vi parolas esperanton. En tiu okaze mi estas @praktiku


Until we have sameAs functionality @atau you can follow these instructions to use Scuttlebutt on multiple computers.

I'd love to figure out a way to leverage ssb to be portable between devices, as well as maintaining large, searchable, image databases. - @Dan

I don't think scuttlebutt is a good place for large searchable image databases. Not only do you not gain anything by having that be distributed, I don't have enough space on my computer for my image database nevermind yours too. The move to SSD drives has killed available space on most people's computers (laptops). Throwing a ton of images into any distributed system would just be causing hardship for all the people who participate i think. Leave the management of massive image DBs to Flickr and Google and places like that if you want it to be somewhere off of your computer.

I'm working on a lot of intranet systems where people have requested some kind of messaging "plugin"

Why not jabber? Or maybe Zulip chat for something slacklike but internal. If you want a distributed solution for some reason there's Friends chat which may be a bit alpha still.

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So my understanding is that SSB doesn't use a blockchain but both do use public key crypto for identity. - @rabble

SSB does use blockchain tech, but not a single blockchain. Every identity has its own blockchain.

A feed is a signed append-only sequence of messages. Each identity has exactly one feed.

Note that append-only means you cannot delete an existing message, or change your history. This is enforced by a per-feed blockchain. This is to ensure the entire network converges on the same state.

From the documentation.

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Welcome @Ingmar. Tell us a bit about yourself?

Voted [@Alanna](@6OxffMLNyxkboLjCqv29WnMPhH8O3qFrcXCR6KrKcPI=.ed25519) There was
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Is there a way where you can selectively choose to never download/replicate a specific hash ever again?... I know you can block users, but is there a way to block specific content? - @Yuval

I don't believe so. With blob's its may be doable, with posts it is probably is not. (speculating)

Also, here is a potential idea to implement potential world-wide deletion of blobs.

This has been discussed a number of times but the short version is that it is simply not possible in a distributed system. You can ask people to delete something, but you can't make them delete something. The best you can reasonably hope for is a "please hide this" command, which clients can optionally choose to implement. This is one of the advantages and downsides to distributed systems. It's an advantage because corrupt politicians can never delete any evil / stupid bs that they've posted in the past. It's a disadvantage because you can't delete benign stuff either.

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Welcome @nw

Let me know how I can help!

There are so many ways... I think the biggest current need is probably support for private groups. There are lots of discussions here about how to possibly implement them, and I don't think anyone is currently hacking on it, but searching would let you know.

But, there are plenty of things on the wishlist, both big and small, and I'm sure there's something that you'd find appealing to work on.

@Dominic has been poking WASM lately but i don't know if there are any concrete thoughts of integrating it with SSB... yet.

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I'm not often an early adopter, and growing more cynical every year. - @Tom Dewey

I used to be, but these days I'm more "ugh, let the young energetic people work out the kinks, and let me know when it's stable and good." That may just be the burnout talking though.

The only weed i am truly against is Mint. That stuff is far too good at replication.

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Very nice @Miikka Thanks for sharing. I did some wet printing when i was young. I am perfectly happy to live in a digital photography world now. Those chemical smells always convinced me we were doing something horrible for the environment, even when i was small and Earth Day hadn't been invented yet. ;)

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