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an adventurer with a penchant for illustration, programming, writing, Esperanto, and ukulele. I'm also the person behind the @butt_summarizer.

Pronouns are good, but I don't really care which ones you use.
@masukomi on twitter krom se vi parolas esperanton. En tiu okaze mi estas @praktiku

Re: %Iua+ze7rD

If you'd like to help, I recommend starting an Invocation Thread - @mix

Alas, I have... negative desire to play in the JavaScript / nodeJS ecosystem. Elm may be the only exception to that. I'm waiting for the Rust version (or maybe the Swift) to get farther along... then I may start contributing SSB code. ;) This is one of the reasons I do the summaries. I want to contribute something, but I don't want to poke JavaScript.

Re: %Iua+ze7rD

can you explain what you mean by footnotes -- @mix

I'm not sure what the right way to answer that question is, because footnotes are just such a standard part of written English communication, and if you know what they are then it's surprising you would ask the question, but maybe you are really asking what syntax I am suggesting the use of to implement them...

Ok so. the first, and please know i'm not trying to be an ass, i'm just... flummoxed by the question.

Frequently you will have text with a superscript number that references a little note at the bottom of the page that is preceeded with that number. That note provides additional information regarding what you were reading when you encountered the number in the first place. Explanatory document you probably don't need.

Implementation-wise this is not in the core Markdown spec but many of the markdown flavors have agreed on the same format that was, I believe, set forth by MultiMarkdown. The documentation for footnote syntax in Multimarkdown is here Most systems would render the following

Here is some text containing a footnote.[^somesamplefootnote]

other text

[^somesamplefootnote]: Here is the text of the footnote itself.


Here is some text containing a footnote.1

other text 

1. Here is the text of the footnote itself. ↩

The original rendered 1 would be a superscript that linked to the footnote at the bottom, and the footnote text at the bottom would be followed by an anchor link (denoted with or something similar ) to take you back up to the place that brought you here.

For a practical example of this in use see my blog post on getting started with Scuttlebutt. You can just scroll to the bottom to see the footnotes and click the at the end to see their point of origin.


I need some Ticktack help.

I went to post something in Ticktack that I've been working on, but the UI in v0.4.0 stumped me.

  1. the new WSYWIG widgets don't create visible markdown, so it wasn't clear if the markdown in my most would be considered formatting instructions or if i'd just have ## foo as a heading instead of an H2 block. It's also not clear what would happen if you combined the WSYWIG bolding (or whatever) with raw markdown formatting within a post, or even on the same line.
  2. the publish button... is that really a "preview" button, or will my stuff go off into the ether with no clue how it looks until it's too late? This is a much bigger deal on a long-form blog post than a quick update or question.
  3. it's not clear if footnotes are supported or not.

Can anyone help?
cc @mix & @SoapDog

Re: %nw5mrgDhd

So doing it eactly will take time. But doing it roughly you'd take the character count and if it's less than 6-7000 you should be ok. If you add 10 images you'd gonna be a lot less ok (because those are mentions that might be heavy in metadata)

I wish that were the case @mix. In an attempt to drop the number to something that is consistently postable for @butt_summarizer My splitter now splits every 3,500 characters, and it's still not low enough. Almost every week I have posts that I have to manually break up to work around the limit.

Re: %ZMz3KaUEo

This is very cool @Prägnanz. Just skimmed it but can't wait to take the time to read it all, thank you.

Voted Gonna leave this here. PDF - [zine.pdf](&0xSR0M2vLBcLJQgapo0oSdH9nPgZELOdb
Re: %tcMGmzO4Q

This is the bit i have are hard time conveying to people @LanceW . Most of the folks I know live in a land of "constant" internet connectivity. It is so frequently available in the places they frequent that they just don't get how many places, even in our first world countries have terrible connectivity. Even in coffee shops. So, when i try and tell them how awesome it is to have a social network that always works even when i have no internet they say "that's nice" and quietly think "but it doesn't apply to me." Their minds seem to gloss over all the times they haven't had access but have wanted to use their laptops or phones.

Re: %iPtGr/dm7

welcome @An(arch)druid Wraidd

I'm not sure what more to say right now. :smiley:

um.... tell us something about yourself? What makes you smile? What kinds of activities do you enjoy?

Re: %QvRTgybzy

@An(arch)druid Wraidd

In patchwork you want:

More > Channels > Browse All

The lists that go by too quickly are the channels most recently added to and people recently posting, and those are being updated as you are downloading and ingesting new posts from others. But yes, it could be a lot better.

Something else to keep in mind is that "channels" are functionally just what you'd call "Tags" on twitter or other systems. Not "channels" like in slack.

Voted I was just typing away with that doodlebug sat next to me when I hear... >

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