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exercises are by definition contrived. They have right answers and are fundamentally different to problem in the wild. Problems in the wild don't have a solution they have many solutions.

Four weeks ago I went to a Head Office and persuaded some decision makers to travel 50km to see and hear how part of their process actually runs (as distinct from how they imagined it to run).

Problems, and also realities, may be entirely invisible until the viewer is prepared to leave their desk and their whiteboard and actually step into the wild.

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... which is also named after the scifi story, seemingly without irony...

and, we can only hope, without people...

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@dan hassan FWIW I reported this a few days ago for Patchwork here %xawWqiE...
Patchwork dev got back to me and managed to replicate the problem their end. So they are aware of/working on it.

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@nanomonkey as a Brit, i grew up with white sweet tea and only drink coffee when on the road.

In recent years I have been able to reduce the sugar. I am down now to about 1/3 tsp in a large mug. Less than that and my enjoyment is reduced, and since we wish the Full Flavour of Life while attempting to embrace Moderation (and in any case I might get squashed by a bus tomorrow), I'm happy to stick there.

I also find I need some milk (even with earl Grey).
When visiting others, I am sometimes given black tea, and it somehow does not sit quite right in the stomach. I'm pretty sure this is a genuine physical effect as I am not focusing on what I am drinking once given it.
I have not experimented with alternatives, but I have an idea that almond milk works okay in place of cow's milk too.

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@nanomonkey same same: tea, shave, shower starts my day, regardless of what time I have to get out the door.

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@MistyWrites @andrestaltz
This was 40yrs ago in the UK. I have described it once or twice to others since, but not written it, and my focus has always been on the learning environment that evolved.

Thinking about it now, what came before and what came after are very clear, but just how did the lounge tutorials begin?
I have no memory of that at all, and I very much wish I did: it feels like a crucial missing part.

As to how it evolved, my thoughts are these:

There was no element of competition among us. In fact. I attended a number of courses like this, and while there may have been one or two shining stars among the students, the environment has never been competitive. This must be conducive to openness and cooperation.

We arrived, somehow, at a situation where we felt free to be open with each other about what we did not understand. This allows the learning interaction to begin.

And I think we were trying to redeem ourselves, both in our own eyes and the eyes of our tutor. These were all people with logical thinking abilities, and we knew that we had taken a wrong turn, in several ways.
Once we found an effective way to remedy that, to get the job properly done rather than to cheat, we seized it with both hands, and from that and the good feeling it generated came the drive and the momentum.

Success builds success.

it is an admirable aim.
If only we could find a way to put aside, move or quieten the ego, we could probably get a great deal done......)

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@Dominic sorry, I have misinformed:

Oxford, Cambridge and a few other universities operate a tutorial system. It's not quite 1:1 but close to it, and takes the form of conversation between tutor and students.

@mix 's sister studied under this, then went on to be a stipendiary lecturer, which saw her paid to tutor in this format, while continuing her own higher studies and other work.
My understanding is that this is not unusual.

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